Innovative accommodation in Picardie
A night in a transparent bubble in the forest of Retz !

The weekend is upon us and you fancy embracing the great outdoors ? Open 7 days a week

Over recent months, transparent plastic bubbles have been popping up like magic all over the forest of Retz in the Aisne region of Les Hauts de France Picardie, an hour from Paris.  Located right in the heart of nature, Les Bulles de Fleury, offers you the chance to enjoy a unique and unusual experience to help get away from the daily grind 7 days a week.

Sleep under the stars in an unusual transparent bubble for an experience close to nature and the forest animals !  

Let your childhood dream of sleeping under the stars come true !  Les Bulles de Fleury offers you the chance to enjoy an original glamping experience in a comfortable, designer bubble.  This new concept will appeal to all naturel lovers and couples looking for a complete change of scenery in a peaceful, preserved environment near Villers-Cotterêts !

A great way to get away from it all 7/7 !

Les Bulles de Fleury and the forest of Retz in Aisne in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region, is the ideal destination for a relaxing break after a hard week at work or for a romantic night in the middle of one of the largest forests in France (13 000 hectares), 80 km north-east of Paris.

Treat yourself to a magical night off the beaten track in the heart of the forest of Retz in Picardie !

When night falls and dusk bathes the forest in shades of deep blue, highlighting the shape of the surrounding trees, your experience under the stars begins !   You may not want to close your eyes at all during the night and instead just take in the amazing sights and sounds around you. 

Explore the Forest of Retz

How about heading for the Forest of Retz next weekend for an original experience near Villers-Cotterêts in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region. A  magical place 80 km north-east of Paris The Forest of Retz, also known…

Sleeping in a bubble in Picardie

Les Bulles de Fleury offers the hire of « bubbles » located in the heart of the Forest of Retz in Aisne in Picardie.   Make your childhood dream come true !  Experience a night under the stars in a…