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City dwellers, take a break !
Wonderers, treat yourself to a new experience !
Nature lovers, escape to the Forest of Retz in Picardie !

You have already heard of holidays in tree-house, cabins on lakes, canal boat, gypsy caravans, yurts, ingloos, Gallic huts, indian tepees, haunted castles, lighthouses and caves but have you ever experienced a night in a transparent bubble located in the middle of a huge forest 80 km north-east of Paris ?

A room in the heart of nature, accommodation of the 3rd kind for a night in the forest under the stars ! 

Spend a night under the stars in a bubble in the Forest of Retz in Picardie.  A bucolic setting, total silence, far from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Les Bulles de Fleury are large, supple tents which remain inflated at all times thanks to a silent compressor which constantly pumps air into the bubble.

For your comfort, each bubble is perfectly insulated and features a terrace with a hamac, a telescope to observe the stars, a coffee machine, a torch, a comfortable double bed and composting toilets nearby.  Even breakfast is included in the price !

A transparent bubble offering a spectacular 360° view of the forest and sky !  

No need to worry about being seen.  The bubbles may be transparent but they are spread out over the thick forest to respect your privacy.  You'll feel like you are all alone in the forest. 


Les bulles de Fleury

The avantages of the bubble

Spend an unforgettable night under the stars without the inconveniences of "camping rough"...  That is the charm of Les Bulles de Fleury ! If you think  « a…