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An adventurer like Robinson Crusoe


It's the weekend and you really feel like embracing the great outdoors and escaping from everyday life and all mod-cons ?  Book a night under the stars in an eco-friendly transparent bubble in the heart of nature.

If spending a night in the forest of Retz is not quite as exotic and challenging as surviving on a Pacific island à la Robinson Crusoe, the experience is still just as mind blowing !


Return to your roots with the bare essentials !

Forget everything you know about traditional camping and other classic holiday accommodation, here you won't find any mobile homes or a campsite shop or a receptionist available 24/7...  That's why we call it a trip back to your roots, an experience between you and nature with only the stars to watch over you* !

Saying this, Les Bulles de Fleury does leave you with the bare essentials (or a little bit more) so you can survive in this "hostile" environment in the forest of Retz : a hamac, a coffee-maker, a microwave, a torch, toilets near each bubble...  All the bubbles are insect-proof and protect you from the cold and damp of the forest at nightfall.  No need to bring your survival kit, your mosquito net or machete or spend hours learning how to make fire with flint !

Alone in the forest, experience a night close to nature…

One night in a bubble in the heart of the forest of Retz is a great opportunity to explore the forest and observe nature without disturbing it.  With a bit of luck you might catch a glimpse of other forest residents : deer, badgers, martens, stone martens, bats...  At the end of September, when the stags bellow, you will fall asleep or awake to the sound of this wild animal that can be heard all over the forest.  An unforgettable experience !


*Rest assured, the site is enclosed and safe.