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A dreamer with your head in the stars


Would you love for your childhood dream to sleep under the stars to come true ?  Then don't wait a second longer, book a night in a bubble in Fleury in Picardie for an original and magical experience.  And what better place for this exciting experience than in the forest of Retz... 


Let your inner child come out to play ! 

This original bubble room is perfect for nature lovers, bohemians, nomads and especially dreamers !

At nightfall, when dusk bathes the forest in shades of deep blue and redefines nature, your rendezvous with the moon and stars begins !  With your eyes fixed firmly on the sky, your spirit escapes to the infinitely big...  You may not even want to shut your eyes all night and instead just take in the sights and sounds around you.

If however the sandman does come, you will enjoy a cosy night in your snug nest which is perfectly equipped.  In the morning, you will awake to the sound of the birds chirping and with stars still in your eyes !