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Romantic searching for a «Glamping» experience


Surprise your other half by offering a romantic night under the stars in the forest of Retz in Aisne...  Even more original than Glamping, what could be more romantic than a snug night in a bubble, just the two of you...?


A night out of time, just you and your loved one ! 

A glamping-meets-camping experience which you can share with your sweetheart under the stars.  A great place to get away from it all and to enjoy some quality time together away from the daily grind and a great gift idea for Saint Valentine's or a wedding anniversary...

Your little bubble right in the heart of the forest...  

Complete silence, thousands of shining stars in the sky and in your sweetheart's eyes !  Together you will feel like you are all alone in the world as if the forest belongs to you.

There's nothing to stop you taking a walk in the underwood to declare your love, whisper sweet nothings, hand in hand, torch in the other, before heading back to your snug nest for the most romantic night ever.

Obviously it's not too warm during the winter months in Aisne, especially in the forest, but rest assured, the bubbles are well insulated and include heating so you will have no trouble sleeping.